Thank you, you lovely season

An open letter to Summer

SummerDear Summer

You are playing outside while I sit indoors to write this. I was thinking yesterday how we have had such a lovely time these last few months and, even though you are as warm and bright today as you have ever been this year, I know you will soon be leaving us and I wanted to thank you for your company.

We of course knew you would be paying us your annual visit and, as usual, you surprised us by showing up in April. We were unprepared for your arrival; there were still so many leaves that needed unpacking, Starbucks hadn’t quite got up to speed with its frappuccino production, and I was frequently still wearing a coat. As usual though you weren’t bothered, you were just happy to see us, and we you. I often think you must be bemused by our excitement at your arrival. How funny it must be to watch all us humans start to take off all our clothes and drink ourselves stupid. You have a way of calming things though’ “hey guys, it’s cool. Don’t rush about, just enjoy it.” It is a good lesson you teach us.

I suppose this letter is something of a redress of the way we speak about you when your back is turned. It might be hard to hear but sometimes when you’re late showing up or early to leave we say things like “Summer? Like we even got a summer this year”. Or when you pop off to mainland Europe for a few days in July we might say “Rubbish. British summer innit?” Of if you’re here but you’re a bit teary and grey we, uncharitably, mutter “Poxy bloody weather, I’m emigrating”. Well I shan’t take you for granted, not this year. This year you have been outstanding. I want to hug you, Summer. I want to invite you over for Christmas. I want to roll you up and eat you like something delicious from a buffet table.

So this is me thanking you. Thank you for beach sunsets, Brighton Pride, parties, 6am sunrise walk-homes, all of these songs, drinks on the South Bank, lunchtime park naps, cocktails, seaside runs (not diarrhoea), street dining, the World Cup, seeing Metallica play Glastonbury (albeit on YouTube), the Great Escape, festivals in general, ice cream (including the Continental Magnum range), Barcelona, Guardians of the Galaxy, Bryony Kimmings, crazy golf, swimming, theatre devising, friends, family and the sense of knowing how good one has it when one has it. If there’s anything I’ve missed then forgive me. I’m not here to list your qualities, I’m sure you know how I feel.

Please do stick around for a while yet though. Autumn will be getting here soon and I know you two get along so well. Perhaps you can both do that dance where you’re so close together we can’t tell who is who? Don’t get big headed, (there are other seasons we like too, e.g. Winter and the clothing options she gives us), but we hope to see you again next year. You can stay as long as you want to, we’ll draw the cloud tarpaulin over the sky to keep it as blue as it is today.

Alright, I’ll be out in minute and we can go do something.

Love and sweat