In the dying hours of 2008 I made a to do list for the new year, which included…

Make a Film

I’ve done some of this tomfoolery before, though the last thing I worked on was over two years ago. After you’ve got over the feeling of ‘well that was an unbearable marathon of effort, uncertainty and sleeplessness. I’m never doing that again’ you start thinking ‘ooo, I miss the excitement and engagement of committing myself to a project like that, I should do it again’. Like an itch.


As ever time and money are the big asks when trying to make a film (especially if you’re paying for it), but I’m not going to say that was the reason this didn’t happen this year. The real reason is that I didn’t have a script that I thought was yet worthy of having all that time spent on it. I feel different now having worked on some things so maybe 2010 could be the year of the scratch!