Ok so the horse has bolted and I’m right now fiddling with the lock, but whatever.

In the last couple of days I’ve managed to fulfil two of my outstanding aims for 2009, which are:

1. Act in Something
I said I’d try my hand at some acting, and got into rehearsing with a group for a play we performed only in the last week. It went well and was lots of fun, so that’s one to cross off the list.


2. 10 Rejection Letters
It was my aim to get 10 rejections for my writing work. As it stood in the last moments of last year I was only one away (having conceded one acceptance and waiting on another). Having just found out my sketch didn’t get selected for recording for BBC Radio 4’s Recorded for Training Purposes sketch show, I am happy to say the goal of 10 rejections has been reached! Way to turn it into a positive there Paul, cheers.

Ups and downs.


  1. Cheers RH, though I fear they may know shit… and that could be the problem!

    Ah well, you can’t keep a goodm’n down. Eukanuba!

  2. Ah, see that’s a closely guarded secret! If I posted all that up then I’d have more people than myself to disappoint if I fail to fulfil my bucket list. I will review at the end of the year as I did last year!

    I will say though that the list does involve flowers, aeroplanes and amplification (though not necessarily in that order or even together at the same time).

    : )

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