Touching Bodies, my first stage play, is two weeks away from production!


I’ve not yet written anything about it here, so I thought why that is and I came up with these reasons:

1) It’s a project that has built incrementally over time. Beginning with Jo at Pitchy Breath Theatre asking if I had perhaps had a play for their November production slot? And then with me being all cagey and then saying, ‘yes there is thing I wrote a couple of year ago about bodies…’ Then we found ourselves doing a read through, the anticipation of which was for me absolutely terrifying all the way until those wonderful acting types started saying the words and I thought ‘hold on, this might actually be something’. To then rewriting over the summer, to then auditioning for our oddball cast of characters. To then being in the middle of an intense rehearsal period with a mini tour of performances looming, tasked with a to-do list that includes last minutes rewrites/publicity materials and press releases/set building (we’re a very small and versatile production).

2) It has meant the difference between being busy and very very busy. The mouse and manplan to have Fleur-de-lis in the can before starting rehearsals on Touching Bodies went awry like something suddenly throwing itself out of a window. There was a period when both were happening at the same time and my brain melted like an Easter egg on a bus engine. Which explains why there wasn’t the time to wax nonsensical about it on here.

3) It is my first stage play and I’m bricking it. Quite apart from my only other production experience in telling stories through short film, the play means my words have to be entertaining for a whole hour and half.

All those are not as important as the one reason for me to talk about the play:

1) It has been so enjoyable to do. The cast are brilliant and I can’t wait for our audience to meet Marianne, Lucy, Justin, Worth, Mercedes, Guy, Sian and Toby, because I think they are all going to be rather good…

Touching Bodies opens on 11th November. Click here for more information.