There was once where we lived a very good band by the name of The Indigo Sunrise. We asked them if we could make a video for one of their songs and they said yes. No one really knew what to expect when we all showed up to shoot in a warehouse (some guy knew some guy etc, as seems to be the way), we’d never really made anything before. Anyway it was lots of fun, even if everybody was getting sick of hearing the song by the end of the day.

Retrospective good reasons for making a music video as a first project:
1) It can be simple and cheap if you’re paying for it, or more outlandish and costly if you can get the band to pay for it.
2) It will take a day or two at most to film.
3) Your performers will probably show up and they will probably have rehearsed.
4) It’s hard to make something look terrible when it’s cut to music, especially if it’s a good song. And if the song is an up-tempo number you can disguise bad footage by cuttingreallreallyfast.
5) The band will make sure people see the finished video at every opportunity they get (unless it’s awful).
6) It’s fun.
The band we shot this video for have long since split (no causality there as far as I know). I still like it as a first piece of work. And I still like the song.

This video was released in 2001 as a tribute to the memory of Fil Kablanski (Philip Bland). May his shenanigans be remembered Everafta.


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