A play about imagination, memory and loss... and Metallica

Being a grown-up sucks, so Lola is off to Bug Camp, armed with strawberry laces and Metallica frontman James Hetfield. And neither her best frenemy Jas nor her arch nemesis Aleine can stop her. But where does that leave her grownup daughter Tilly? And what happens when hiding in the past is no longer an option?

Bug Camp is a joyful new play about the collision of imagination, memory and loss, written by Paul Macauley. A winner of the Tobacco Factory Theatre’s Script Space Scheme, it is staged by award winning new writing company Broken Silence Theatre.


"comes together splendidly... a wonderful 70 minutes"
* * * *
"a thought provoking and character driven play with a strong all female cast"
"a remarkable off-beat play"

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