‘A plan is just a list of things that don’t happen’ [1]

– Parker

You can’t film paper. Well you can, that’s animation. But you can’t film a shot list, or a floor plan or a sketch of how you thought the set would look like. Well you can, but it’d make a dull film. Well it might not be dull, in which case I’d most definitely watch that film just to see how they did it. Whoever they are. Dammit, even their idea is compelling. I definitely want to see that film now, the cunning vestibules.

My point is when it comes to filming the film, your plan goes out the window. It goes out the window and land in bed with Reality, who has her wicked way with the Plan. Then they have babies. And those are, so I’m told, unexpectedly more problematic and better than you thought they were going to be.


You can’t anticpate everything that’s going to happen, bad or good. You just have to get on with it. When shooting Nastasiya we found ourselves outside in the middle of several snowfalls. They could not have been predicted when we were planning the shoot but they ended up benefitting the finished film.

Unless it snows, then we’re screwed. Globally I mean, the film will be fine. But if it snows in August then climate change is skipping up to Day After Tomorrow setting and WE’RE ALL GOING TO BE EATEN BY WOLVES. ON A BOAT. IN NEW YORK.


1. The Way of the Gun, Christopher McQuarrie’s fantasically scripted film full of some Bad-Mother-Hubbard characters doing bad things to each in compellingly articulate ways.