I’m in ‘stand back and coolly assess everything’ mode. This can be easily confused with ‘not doing much’ mode, to which it looks very similar. This is just a small pool of calm in the wake of last week’s everything-is-shit! meltdown though, a response to the call for a little more tortoise, a little less hare. But a brightly painted playmobile tortoise, not a depressed Blue Peter captive hibernating kind of tortoise.

So I made some changes to the sketch, and it did read much better. We’ll see whether it floats any particular boats.

I’ve tentatively (read: veerrrrrrry slowly) started on a new draft of my short film script. I’m edging towards producing some storyboards for it, but want another pass at the script to make sure I’m being clear on the shots. I’m feeling encouraged in this after an exercise with my writing group in which we had to interpret storyboards from each other’s scripts. My friend came back with exactly what I had pictured in my mind! You could write it off as some crazy Derren Brown mindjob trickery, but I’ll take as a testament to both her interpretive insight and my descriptions. Anyway, it underlined to me the need to be very clear in describing how action in your script should break down into shots, ideally so that that these things are suggested in the mind of your reader without them even realising it. Well that’s the idea anyway.

Will hopefully start to re-jig the podcast to make the most use of the gap that has been created by the exorcism of a story we weren’t quite happy with. I think we know where the new story is going to come from but it will also be a matter of clarifying and smoothing out the overall series story arc.

Yeah! Let’s do it! Go team!

N.B. Earlier instead of kind I wrote knid. Doesn’t that just remind you of Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, where Charlie faced the Vermicious Knids? No? Just me?