Saturday saw our first day of production on Fleur-de-lis. In a room in an old drill hall building we constructed a small bedroom set, which will feature in a couple of the film’s scenes.

Our actresses!
Our actresses!

Actresses Kathryn Felton and Mandy Masters were entirely brilliant. Having run through the scene, with Katie Child finalising the lighting and camera set ups, we started rolling. Tweaking performances as we went, and working around the take-bothering traffic noise, we soon got into the swing of this key scene.

Everyone, Sam, James, Rhodri, Chris and Shaun, were all very patient with working in heat I can only describe as completely unnecessary and very unhelpful. Because yes, though it could never have been predicted two months ago when schedules were being thought of, the shoot managed to fall on the hottest weekend of the year. The mugginess of the air made it feel like we were breathing soup.

The Box

Sunday seemed even hotter as we convened for Day Two, which saw Ms Felton subjected to an entire afternoon inside The Box. We got everything we needed, including picking up a shot leftover form the day before -sorted! It will be a pleasure soon to show you how darling a couple were Kathryn and her box companion Terrietta.

Two shooting days of six done, now 10 days to get ready for the next one…