You have probably, like me, seen or experienced something that was made by someone and thought ‘how did they do that?’ 

People who make things are interesting. Why do they do what they do? How did they know to do it? Where did they find the belief/guidance/support/time/money? I decided to look a bit more at this and so I invited some people who make all sorts of different things to come and speak to me about what they do. These conversations are available as a podcast called Creative Loving Spirit.

Why Creative Loving Spirit? 

Creativity is a way of being that it available to everyone. You could think of it as an innate part of human nature, to be alive literally is a creative act. From when we are born we create sound, meaning and ever more intricate and skilled creations. Even on a bad day most humans manage to make something, even if it’s just breakfast or carbon dioxide.

Once I heard love defined as ‘where you place your attention’. All of us have things that matter to us, things that can be expressed, understood or celebrated through creating. We care about them so deeply we will commit huge amounts of our resources into making that fringe show that only 7 people see. It is not inappropriate to relate creativity to care, to love.

You may know a person whose presence can warm a room. Their unique qualities seem to overflow. While many of us might not feel quite so special, it is true that no one has lived your life, experienced what you have and understands and expresses it all in the way you do. No other being has your singular spirit, and that is true whether or not you write that novel about that amazing, sexy person who looks a bit like you.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy listening and perhaps even find something to inspire, encourage or enlighten your own creative stuff.