Day 157: How to help figure out if you’ve got enough Why and How to power your project

What I was doing was… Exploring this evening (while waiting for dinner) what any further work on this novel idea could help with. I brainstormed does 20 minutes around how this work could: answer a burning question, heal, answer a need in the world, bring delight and intrigue, grow my skills. I know that for me to commit to a project I must have a compelling WHY and a meaningful

Day 156: How to help understand if and how that old project is still alive

What I was doing was… Reflecting this morning on reading the zero draft of a novel to see what, if anything, comes next. I wrote 750 words exploring my thoughts and feelings on what I appreciated, felt was alive and what further curiosity and possibility there might be in this work. I have a daily practice of writing morning pages, 750 words about whatever comes up, and needing to focus

Day 155: How to make space for that seemingly big creative project you never get round to

What I was doing was… I decided today that I would finally get round to reading a zero draft for novel I wrote a bazillion years ago (5 1/2). Day went: reading, eating, reading, swimming, reading, eating, reading, stretching, reading (fucking fascinating stuff, that’s why these posts are so darn READABLE). Yeah so a few years ago I decided to write a thousand words a day for 90 days and