Day 344: How to know when fixing stuff in your WIP is worth pausing the effort to get to the draft’s end

What I was doing was… Reworking a chapter from this draft to share with a writing group I am part of, and also intended to work on my little ebook. Started late morning and doesn’t all afternoon going back through it, changing the beginning, losing extraneous stuff and tightening it all to lose a few hundred words, then I defined some feedback questions based on what would help me right

Day 334: How to learn what is the best next step to get you unstuck

What I was doing was… Working on some personal brand stuff and finishing off a chapter of the novel this morning. Wrote a couple of hundred words on chapter 15 after spending a couple of hours working on an ebook I’m writing. Following some good advice from a friend I appreciated again something which I believe: you learn through doing. I see that sometimes I get lost in thinking which

Day 332: How to make your writing project more of a reality

What I was doing was… Writing some more on the novel this evening. Got home from work and just did a quick 15 minutes (250 more words!) before dinner and a Zoom call with the writing group. Beyond just feedback, things like writers group remind me of the importance of regularly and increasingly talking about what it is you are creating -it’s part of beginning to make something live in