Day 37: How to make a squirmy writing sprint a little more bearable

What I was doing was… Drafting an application to the Film Hub South East BFI Network Short Film Development Programme (cheers for the heads up @sophia_papaya) for developing a short film version of the feature film idea I am working on. Wrote a vomit draft which I’ll tidy up later (writing a biography and saying why I want to make something? Well that’s squirmy). It helped to make this task

Day 30: How to help clarify the central question at the heart of your story

What I was doing was… Getting started on responding to 1st draft feedback and creating a plan for the 2nd draft of my play, by first clarifying: what is the question at the heart of this play? I ended up with something that feels right and is also about 90 degrees from what the central question has been up until now. What helped was all the feedback conversations I had