Day 270: How to keep your chapter notes close to hand while writing

What I was doing was… Starting a new chapter in the new draft of the novel this morning. Making notes about the purpose of the chapter, the intentions of the characters and their tactics in this situation. It’s great having the synopsis and notes sidebar in @scrivener_app and I like how I can see it while in the typewriter overlay thing. Writing this post about 12 hours after I finished

Day 269: How to get writing sprint fit

What I was doing was… 15 minutes novel writing this morning. Coffee and toast, then go-quick-write-the-words-ooo-look-now-there’s-300-of-them-now-stop. I do love a timed sprint, and many a writing session begins with setting a timer and pressing ‘start’ -it’s become a string association when those numbers start ticking down to just begin, do stuff, even if I don’t know what I’m doing or I think it’s crap. Feeling good about the chapter I

Day 12: How to help yourself write when you can’t be bothered

What I was doing was… Spent an hour exploring character and world for my screenplay (despite getting to it late in the day and feeling like I CAN’T BE ARSED). Found out some family and childhood related stuff about my main character. Broke it into two half hour chunks and used a phone timer to make it more manageable (aren’t you proud Writers’ HQ?????) Feeling a bit tired but glad