Day 322: How to make a park and beach writing sandwich

What I was doing was… Quick 15 minutes of novel writing. Wrote 230 words, a kinda clunky dialogue scene. Fitting writing in after a long walk up to Stanmer Park and before heading out to the beach -lovely social day and my head’s not really in the writing. Enjoyed writing dialogue though wondering if it’s too dialogue heavy and not enough description -ah well, that’s future Paul’s issue. Doing some

Day 321: How to treacle your brain

What I was doing was… A whole (writing) day on the novel today. A writing day, as you may know, no longer than four hours, but it turns out that’s enough time to finish a chapter and get stormingly far into another (about 4,600 words). With the heatwave knocking me out this week and the necessary downtime of last week I was beginning to feel antsy about not spending a

Day 319: How to learn to ride a bike (again)

What I was doing was… Going back to work on the younger character’s story in the novel today. Stared into space for a while then came up with a more detailed idea of what the chapter could be about and even wrote the first 100 words of it. This character is a kid and I was searching for a specific experiential touch point to inspire what the scene needs to