Day 186: How to start to see a different story of yourself or your past

What I was doing was… More exploring memories and stories of the past as part of the novel thing. 5 minutes of meditation and 10 minutes of writing that just zipped by and bubbles up some interesting new thoughts about old ways of seeing things in my life. I really appreciated this morning that of course my understanding of past events are just stories, in some cases very old stories

Day 185: How to realise it’s all made up anyway

What I was doing was… More autobiographical exploration this morning. Meditated for five minutes then write for ten, about some stuff I’ve thought about and articulated before. Was thinking about something @bullshitfreecreativity (thank you Marta) mentioned in reply to my post yesterday about our memory being almost completely reconstructive -it have me pause to consider my expectation of doing these reflective writing exercise and of course I am unlikely to

Day 184: How to find useful stuff in memory writing even if you don’t remember

What I was doing was… Some more exploring the autobiographical sources of the novel story today. Had a few minutes of silent meditation on a question and then 10 minutes of writing about a period in my life. Found it tricky to connect with something so distant in my past, my memory isn’t that great and I had more questions about what those time might have felt like than any

Day 142: How to give yourself a little New Years writing inspiration

What I was doing was… Getting myself inspired for going back to working on the play with a little reading. I read Lucy Kirkwood’s ‘Mosquitoes’ and am so glad I did -smart, funny and working magically at once intimate and universe-sized macro levels. Thanks to @beans_de_paris for the recommendation! Man, that feeling when you think ‘I wish I could write something that good’, y’know? Happy New Year!