Day 264: How to turn a chore into a joy

What I was doing was… Continuing the new novel draft today. Just a nugget of a 15 minute sprint before dinner to get down 300 words. Somedays I need rest and nothingness to be the day’s first priority, and the ol daily creative practice gets pushed back, sometimes to become a delayed chore so I was pleased to have the urge to want to write and grabbed my laptop straight

Day 263: How to be happy with doing the washing up instead of your novel

What I was doing was… More writing of novel words this morning! Wrote 300 words of the introductory chapter of a character, could’ve written more but decided to stop after 15 minutes and did the washing up instead. Maybe because I got up earlier or did other things quicker I had a more roomy pre-work morning and I decided to be happy with my writing contribution for the day and

Day 262: How to write more shit words

What I was doing was… Writing words for the novel this morning. Just 15 minutes before work, slightly halting and not entirely confident but managed 600 words. It helped to have had some rest and a break away after Monday’s disappointing session, as did holding onto the principle that it doesn’t matter if the words are shit, just get em down and fix it later. Pleased to have properly started