Day 267: How talking to yourself can really help

What I was doing was… Stepping back for some project development/reorienting today. Good morning of thinking through things, then a few hours of frustration and then some useful output on the old Trello board. I spent 2 1/2 hours talking to myself about what has been on my mind about projects and priorities -it sounds mad mad but it was really helpful, then I got all sluggish about doing anything

Day 76: How to work with back tension

What I was doing was… 5 or 6 hours editing episode 4 of the Creative Loving Spirit today. Managed to finish it and get all the notes and quotes together too. Resting yesterday helped so much, as did not compounding the tension in my back by sitting and slumping -spent most of the day standing and working, or lying down (including recording the podcast intro/outro). I feel so much better

Day 61: How to motivate yourself to work from home alone all day

What I was doing was… A whole (okay, just over half) day of podcast making today, editing episode 2 and recording with another guest. Ended up mostly getting the edit done and also having a funny and touching hour’s natter with Michelle of @cast_iron_theatre Days like today when I have to be self-motivating m can often freak me out so I worked in sprints broken up by energising or different