Day 357: How to randomly find new life to mine in your chapter

What I was doing was… Morning pages today with the old novel writing. 398 more words, in a fizzy 15 minutes going off in a new direction midway into this chapter. Felt like I’d reached a premature conclusion with yesterday’s writing, so decided to give myself a prompt by throwing a beanbag to randomly choose a writing prompt card, which inspired setting up an unplanned for interaction between my main

Day 356: How to not get tense

What I was doing was… Writing a little on chapter 20 of the novel. Got another 589 words down, in twenty minutes hidden away in my bedroom cave -quite a few things to second guess in what was coming out. Realised I’d somewhere changed tense, had reached the climax of the chapter really quickly and possibly in a cliched way -telling myself that these are not unsolvable issues and the

Day 355: How to make the most of the sun

What I was doing was… A small sliver of novel writing today. Clocking in with my 15 minutes (443 more words for the draft!) Helped immensely by hiding in the blacked out cave of my bedroom while the heat outside gradually climbs and cooks my flat. Feeling like I am unwinding a bit after a busy week, and feeling so grateful for the lovely day I had yesterday thanks to

Day 354: How to end

What I was doing was… Little novel writing this morning before my last day at my job. Wrote for 15 weird minutes (about 470 words) this fever dream of a chapter. Helped immensely by having not enough sleep (feeling anxious). Feeling real tired and nervous about this last day at my job after 8 years -the sadness of endings and the anticipation of new beginnings. Tomorrow and the next few