Day 139: How your creative ambition and resourcefulness can inspire others

What I was doing was… The sixth day of Christmas holiday film inspiration! This morning I watched Primer, a great indie film. I watched this years ago as a source of inspiration for self producing film -I recommend watching it then reading about how it was made. I have a renewed appreciation of the ambition and resourcefulness of the filmmaking and storytelling -it’s one of those projects that makes me

Day 138: How to bring some balance to terror

What I was doing was… Day 5 of film inspiration Christmas holiday week. This morning a watched Unicorn Store, which is so indie it hurts, but I find it so joyful. I think I needed a bit of a tone shift after the horror of the past few days -and I am interested in the relationship between terror and joy, between horror and delight -I’d like to find a way

Day 137: How to find some guts inside bland suburbia

What I was doing was… Some Boxing Day film inspiration today, in my week of getting juiced on other people’s shit. I watched Get Out, which is a well put together and unsettling modern horror. I’m interested in it for those reasons and because of how it plants horror in a suburban setting -why is suburbia so freakin ripe for this kind of treatment? Feeling sleepy now, but remarkably undisturbed