Day 30: How to help clarify the central question at the heart of your story

What I was doing was… Getting started on responding to 1st draft feedback and creating a plan for the 2nd draft of my play, by first clarifying: what is the question at the heart of this play? I ended up with something that feels right and is also about 90 degrees from what the central question has been up until now. What helped was all the feedback conversations I had

Day 29: How to recognise when you’re stuck… and something productive you can do about it

What I was doing was… Defining the key scenes of my show today and having a first go at creating an application for funding. Lo and bloody behold, I have a wiggly worm of a possible flow for the story… and then I hit a brick wall in terms of the funding application and got myself lost. Really helped to draw on some helpful process I picked up from Bryony

Day 22: How to help drag yourself out of a self-motivation black hole

What I was doing was… Developing my thinking on a funding proposal for my one man show and continuing to brainstorm around the concept. Barely got anywhere with the proposal the had to drag myself to what ended up being an energised brainstorming session. I saw that my intentions for the work I see aren’t clear enough yet so I wrote a vomit-stream in plain terms about what I know