Day 124: How your writing thinking can help make the most of a short rehearsal time

What I was doing was… Some podcasting things and second (and last!) rehearsal for Sunday’s reading of the play. We managed to zip through the whole thing and with even just a few hours’ work give it some shape and feeling. The actors were bringing such good instincts for the script and I’m glad I could share some of the character and scene thinking I did while writing to turbo-boost

Day 102: How to make the most of morning brain and afternoon brain (your brain may differ)

What I was doing was… Mainly a writing day, plus a bit of podcast social scheduling and working to organise a rehearsed reading of the play (not finished, so not finished). I edited a scene, which was the easiest scene in this redraft so far! Totally kept the morning free for spacious coffee-drinking window-gazing street-wandering page-scribbling writing and left screen-gazing task-ticking email-flinging to the afternoon -thanks goes to my assistant