Day 84: How to give grief its space

What I was doing was… Writing a new version of scene 3 of the play today, that was the idea. Instead I filled a page trying to capture the thoughts and experiences of grief, which are part of the show I want to make. It is coming up on the anniversary of a close bereavement I had and grief pops up unpredictably, tiringly and achingly and I’ve figured out that

Day 81: How to be okay with just showing up and doing the small stuff even if it looks uninteresting to others

What I was doing was… Planning to open up a little window to reconnect in an open way with the show, but decided to play it safe and not with the unknown. So instead I wrote the next scene brief for the play, which needed to be done anyway -tick. I wavered thinking and I not challenging myself? Am I just doing the boring easy thing? Should I do something

Day 80: How to make working at your workspace slightly harder than it needs to be

What I was doing was… Writing another scene brief in 15 minutes, getting intentional about what changes I want to make in scene four of the play rewrite. Another index card to task future Paul -halfway! Difficulty getting started today, my workspace is messy and I left one of my notebooks out and it got dripped on and the ink ran. Feel slightly rebellious and can’t be bothered in a