Day 341: How to keep it small and slow

What I was doing was… A little bit of writing on the novel and a conversation about the solo theatre piece I am developing. Wrote 477 words and then had a helpful and encouraging chat with @lizifpatch about beginning to write a draft of the play. Keeping it small and slow at the moment, this week has felt like a hard one. Feeling tired in a good way, like I’ve

Day 330: How to work out what it was you said

What I was doing was… Working today on creating a readable new version of the solo theatre piece I am developing. I took the transcription of me telling the story out loud and spent the day turning that into something coherent. I used Happy Scribe which did a pretty good job converting my mumbles to text, notwithstanding some bizarre strings of words which were only decipherable when I spoke them

Day 310: How to be kinda productive in the park

What I was doing was… Checking in with some solo show nurturing and brand development stuff today. Sat in the park to make notes on some prompts that came out of yesterday, and read a Tim Crouch play. Had the electrician in (not a euphemism) which seemed a good invitation to take work outside into the park (so lucky to have this gorgeous space nearby). Feeling not terribly productive and