Day 167: How to make space for your friends to help create your work

What I was doing was… Okay so today the intention was to try and develop the idea of what this solo show could be, but in a different way than I usually do (as mainly a writer person). With close creative friends @pmuink @timothyfifield @jamesrmacauley @una_nich to spend an afternoon sharing what I’ve developed so far and exploring what further possibilities they saw and what qualities could be particular to

Day 166: How to think differently about uncertainty

What I was doing was… Intended to spend most of the day doing something (anything! Everything! What? Is this perhaps not a very useful intention) for getting my show ideas together for tomorrow’s workshop. Spent most of the day resting or doing life admin (including restringing my guitar!) then finally looked at a song and reminded myself of a scene I wrote last year. Work and stuff kicked my bum