Day 46: How to help increase the unpredictability of your story to keep your audience on its toes

What I was doing was… More background thinking on the play today, specifically about how to keep the audience on their toes by making sure the unfolding of the plot isn’t predictable (that’s bloody hard in this narrative-savvy culture of ours). Defined two or three things I can pay attention to in character work and in designing scenes. What helped was thinking back to the character archetype stuff (Day 38)

Day 29: How to recognise when you’re stuck… and something productive you can do about it

What I was doing was… Defining the key scenes of my show today and having a first go at creating an application for funding. Lo and bloody behold, I have a wiggly worm of a possible flow for the story… and then I hit a brick wall in terms of the funding application and got myself lost. Really helped to draw on some helpful process I picked up from Bryony