Day 121: How to get some help from a Mountie, a detective and a wolf

What I was doing was… Half an hour as the world got lighter creating and scheduling social posts and updating my website for the podcast. Happily I got everything lined up for the next few days, which is good because I won’t have any brain space until Friday now. What helped was bopping along to the theme tune to Due South (about seven repeats), that not so well remembered 90s

Day 100: How to make the day’s little task feel a little more positive

What I was doing was… Spent 20 minutes on this cold morning prepping social media for the podcast. Loaded up Buffer and my Insta drafts so I don’t have to think about it while I’m busy over the next few days. What made it pleasant was siting on the sofa under a blanket working while listening to the new EP by @gudjohr -a positive sounding influence on the day. Feeling