What I Did & Didn’t Do in 2009 (8 of 12)

In the dying hours of 2008 I made a to do list for the new year, which included… Do a Course As in sitting in a room with a bunch of other people and learn some new things, expand your mind etc. I often think that as you get older, and further away from the days of compulsory education, you lose the drive to learn new things. This is understandable

The Blunt Journal: 25th Nov ’09

I really have got to get better at prioritising. As ever there are several writing projects I have on the go at the moment that demand my attention. In the level headed and well organised times I can leap like a froggy over the backs of all that needs to be done and refocus my attention on whatever needs doing, one thing after another. Then I get tired or I

Sixyback, Yis

Ow. Small guilt pang for not writing on here in nearly a week. The horror. I have a small pile of things that I intend to write about, but apparently just leaving them alone and checking back here doesn’t result in their appearance. I could make excuses about how busy I am, about all the time consuming diversions that have popped up but that’s life isn’t it? And everyone’s got