The Blunt Journal: 18th Nov ’09

I’m in ‘stand back and coolly assess everything’ mode. This can be easily confused with ‘not doing much’ mode, to which it looks very similar. This is just a small pool of calm in the wake of last week’s everything-is-shit! meltdown though, a response to the call for a little more tortoise, a little less hare. But a brightly painted playmobile tortoise, not a depressed Blue Peter captive hibernating kind

The Blunt Journal 04th Nov ’09

Da-ba-dur… What I enjoy about collaboration are those moments in which the thoughts of you and your partner are in sync. I mean generally this has to be the case anyway, or else why would you even be working together? In particular I’m talking about those finishing-each-other’s-sentences kind of moments, but ones that end in a flurry of keyboard tapping and not marriage. Work on the podcast is going well