Day 76: How to work with back tension

What I was doing was… 5 or 6 hours editing episode 4 of the Creative Loving Spirit today. Managed to finish it and get all the notes and quotes together too. Resting yesterday helped so much, as did not compounding the tension in my back by sitting and slumping -spent most of the day standing and working, or lying down (including recording the podcast intro/outro). I feel so much better

Day 75: How to know how much of your planned productive day to spend in bed eating biscuits

What I was doing was… Had a whole load of podcast stuff I was intending to do today, but decided to do just half an hour or so of the most pressing thing -scheduling all the social media promo for the latest episode of the Creative Loving Spirit podcast. I finalised a few things in Photoshop and stocked Buffer up as full as I could. This was all because I

Day 57: How to benefit yourself tomorrow

What I was doing was… Today was all about getting the first episode of the next podcast series edited with all the intro stuff, notes and social images so I could share it with the guest to see if they are happy with what I’ve put together. Ended up listening back to the whole episode, a conversation with Joel Levey, which seems to have come together well. This was something

Day 50: How to let go and care for yourself towards achieving a little creative goal -in 5 steps

What I was doing was… Started the day feeling unmotivated and honestly quite despairing at the thought of having to to do any fucking thing (today is one of those days I foresaw when I began this lark). Ended the day having taken care of myself, reading a play and thinking about how it applied to the play I’m writing. What made the difference was: 1) I gave up 2)