Day 11: How to write two pages in 20 minutes

What I was doing was… Scribbling for 20 minutes before going to work, exploring a little where my one of my screenplay story’s antagonists is coming from. Wrote a couple of pages and had a few little insights. The discovery questions in the book I’m reading by L.A. Writers’ Lab I’m finding really helpful in peering into places I otherwise would not have thought to look -a lot about values

Day 10: How to help ground your main character’s arc in something bigger

What I was doing was… Writing a bit before work on how my screenplay main character essentially changes by the end of the story. Came up with some ideas how this would manifest in herself and in her relationships. The central theme work I did last week was a helpful jumping off point for this -because it should be related! Not feeling super buzzed about it, it’s feeling so-so and

Day 4: How to help free yourself in developing early writing ideas

Some more screenplay character work before heading to work, this time on the best stab at who my story’s protagonist is. Didn’t realise where she was coming from -seems like fairytale dark. For backstory and first draft stuff I write pen to paper as the messiness of it seems to give permission to just run with ideas without the restriction of permanence and perfection that a digital document suggests (I

Day 3: How to explore your character’s deeper view of their world

Spent a nugget of time exploring some of my screenplay main character’s deep feelings and beliefs. Wrote speedy pages about what pisses her off and what breaks her heart (now my hand aches). It helped aiming some good prompts at imagining her at work, a place based somewhere I’ve been -it grounded it in something real. Wondering if this stuff is creating complexities or just contradictions in what I think