Day 287: How to leave the window open for inspiration on another project to get in

What I was doing was… Had vague intentions of doing some work on the novel today. Quite unexpectedly I ended up coming up with a revised plot for the next draft of a screenplay I’ve been working on (forever). When I sat down to write my morning pages (in the evening) I had the urge (probably because it’s not what I ‘should’ be doing) to write about these other characters

Day 26: How to guide your writing towards possibilities… and know if you’re on the right track

What I was doing was… Zeroing in on what my screenplay protagonist most wants and having a go at defining their character arc. Ended up with something that doesn’t neatly chime with the theme I landed on earlier, but wrote a whole bunch of stuff about the possible rules and tone of the world with reference to other films (Labyrinth meets Andrea Arnold anyone?) It helped to follow my thoughts

Day 25: How to use mindset to help get through feeling like you’re getting nowhere fast

What I was doing was… A month and a day into imagining the world of my screenplay story, I did another little 15 minute chunk before going to do the work that pays the bills. In my inky scribble I explored 8 questions about my main character in a stream of consciousness style. It helped to accept that this is just another day of showing up, doing some stuff and