Day 23: How to be both grounded and open in exploring the world of your story

What I was doing was… Simply spending 15 minutes free writing to explore the world of my screenplay. Ended up writing about tome and the nature of the heightened reality of the story based on turning up the dials on things from my own experience. What helped was posing myself a question to kickstart the writing (in this case: what does it feel like to live in this world?) and

Day 16: How to help go to deeper, darker places with your story’s characters

What I was doing was… 15 minutes writing after muesli and before leaving for the office, exploring what are my screenplay characters’ deepest darkest secrets? Wow and there’s some pretty shady shit going on with those people, vomit, deception, theft, odd sex, forced captivity. It helped being uninhibited and taking a ‘fuck it’ attitude, almost daring myself to write the unwritable and to not get at all hung up on

Day 11: How to write two pages in 20 minutes

What I was doing was… Scribbling for 20 minutes before going to work, exploring a little where my one of my screenplay story’s antagonists is coming from. Wrote a couple of pages and had a few little insights. The discovery questions in the book I’m reading by L.A. Writers’ Lab I’m finding really helpful in peering into places I otherwise would not have thought to look -a lot about values