Day 25: How to use mindset to help get through feeling like you’re getting nowhere fast

What I was doing was… A month and a day into imagining the world of my screenplay story, I did another little 15 minute chunk before going to do the work that pays the bills. In my inky scribble I explored 8 questions about my main character in a stream of consciousness style. It helped to accept that this is just another day of showing up, doing some stuff and

Day 24: How to use ‘the most’ to explode the world of your story

What I was doing was… More exploring of the world of my screenplay this rainy morning, in particular the essential qualities of the world my characters might live in. I wrote a bunch of interesting ‘what if’ ideas about rules that could effect the way characters act or experience reality. I exploded the qualities I described yesterday by asking myself one simple question: what is the most version of this?

Day 23: How to be both grounded and open in exploring the world of your story

What I was doing was… Simply spending 15 minutes free writing to explore the world of my screenplay. Ended up writing about tome and the nature of the heightened reality of the story based on turning up the dials on things from my own experience. What helped was posing myself a question to kickstart the writing (in this case: what does it feel like to live in this world?) and

Day 19: How you can use music to help energise a writing sprint

What I was doing was… 15 minutes more of exploring my screenplay characters’ secrets. Wrote a couple of sides about their secret shame (some seemingly trivial and not so trivial -but really is anything trivial when it comes to shame??) a neat inversion given I’ve been thinking about the theme of pride. To help energise and inspire the writing, for each character writing sprint I played music from the decade

Day 16: How to help go to deeper, darker places with your story’s characters

What I was doing was… 15 minutes writing after muesli and before leaving for the office, exploring what are my screenplay characters’ deepest darkest secrets? Wow and there’s some pretty shady shit going on with those people, vomit, deception, theft, odd sex, forced captivity. It helped being uninhibited and taking a ‘fuck it’ attitude, almost daring myself to write the unwritable and to not get at all hung up on