Day 176: How to help think about the theme of your story

What I was doing was… Thinking about the point/moral/theme of the story in my novel. Spent 20 minutes eating a wrap, occasionally staring into the middle distance and ultimately writing 112 words that seem to capture it. The other prompts I was considering are about the emotional and physical journey of the main character, though those feel less obvious to me right now -the thematic stuff feels closer thanks to

Day 172: How to relieve stress and tiredness… AND find some encouragement and inspiration with others

What I was doing was… Today I was aiming to share the elevator pitch/concept for my novel. I asked a couple of friends @emmieloutoo @alibraes at our regular writing group cafe meet up read it and we had a chat about what was interesting and what resonated for them, which turned into a really good conversation about childhood and adulthood. I’ve shared this sort of stuff before (months ago when

Day 171: How to help take manageable, meaningful and regular small steps in reworking your novel

What I was doing was… Asking myself about my novel: ‘what is this story actually about?’ Spent 15 minutes coming up with an elevator pitch for the story -defining the essential parts of character, goal and conflict in a single sentence. I am beginning this redraft using the @writershq Plotstormers II online course to help guide my work, especially handy as I am time-squished at the moment and having a

Day 102: How to make the most of morning brain and afternoon brain (your brain may differ)

What I was doing was… Mainly a writing day, plus a bit of podcast social scheduling and working to organise a rehearsed reading of the play (not finished, so not finished). I edited a scene, which was the easiest scene in this redraft so far! Totally kept the morning free for spacious coffee-drinking window-gazing street-wandering page-scribbling writing and left screen-gazing task-ticking email-flinging to the afternoon -thanks goes to my assistant