Day 131: How to ease into doing a lot less

What I was doing was… Baking my last delicious batch of podcast Tweets and Insta posts today. Got most of it done, but still some digital baking to do. Today is the first day of my Christmas holidays so I got up late then went back to bed for a nap, like a boss. Feeling all cheery -two weeks of seeing friends and family and doing a little bit of

Day 130: How to break up for Christmas

What I was doing was… So I was doing some podcast stuff before heading to work this morning, thinking I’d do some more when I got home. But I got home and decided verily not to bother. Because I HAVE FINISHED WORK FOR CHRISTMAS AND IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS AND I’VE GOT TIME OFF AND IT IS SO VERY EXCITING I COULD JUST DO A SMALL DANCE CALLED ‘THE GRAPE’ OR

Day 129: How to use Insta hashtags

What I was doing was… A little 15 minute social media prep for promoting the final episode of the Creative Loving Spirit podcast. I write some tweets and came up with a list of Insta hashtags for posts about my next guest. When I started this, Insta hashtags kinda baffled me (I still don’t know if I’m doing it well) so I took the idea of maxing out by using

Day 128: How to help support other creatives

What I was doing was… And it was a swift half hour of social media-ing this morning before work. Putting together posts for promoting the latest Creative Loving Spirit podcast episode, featuring Michelle Donkin of @cast_iron_theatre Encouraging to see how Michelle’s writing community are connecting with the conversation, especially on Twitter. Makes me feel glad about putting the time in to try and promote the podcast. Tomorrow it’s onto starting