Day 101: How to find more time in the morning to podcast AND sack off your yoga routine (guess how that works)

What I was doing was… Half an hour’s worth of audio editing an upcoming podcast episode before work this morning. Figuring out where to break the conversation up and taking notes on some inspiring quotes to use on social later. Normally I do some yoga in the mornings but it’s so dark and cold that I can’t be bothered -which really frees up some time! Feeling that maybe, just maybe,

Day 100: How to make the day’s little task feel a little more positive

What I was doing was… Spent 20 minutes on this cold morning prepping social media for the podcast. Loaded up Buffer and my Insta drafts so I don’t have to think about it while I’m busy over the next few days. What made it pleasant was siting on the sofa under a blanket working while listening to the new EP by @gudjohr -a positive sounding influence on the day. Feeling

Day 96: How to work with low energy

What I was doing was… Spent half and hour social media post writing today for the new episode of Creative Loving Spirit. Wrote and Buffered just enough content to share the latest episode, a bit later in the day than normal -I like to have it ready to go first thing. I normally have stuff ready to go almost a week ahead of time but my lead time has been

Day 92: How to get through by leapfrogging

What I was doing was… Writing, podcasting, running, cooking something delicious -I thought all of these could happen today! As it is I did an hour’s worth of sorting out social posts for the coming three days and hid under a blanket. I am balancing my need to do less with all the stuff I’m doing by leapfrogging -meaning just accepting all I can do is leap over the next