Day 96: How to work with low energy

What I was doing was… Spent half and hour social media post writing today for the new episode of Creative Loving Spirit. Wrote and Buffered just enough content to share the latest episode, a bit later in the day than normal -I like to have it ready to go first thing. I normally have stuff ready to go almost a week ahead of time but my lead time has been

Day 63: How to give into Sunday

What I was doing was… Was planning on writing a whole bunch of social posts and even dipping into some playwriting today. Ended up spending about half an hour planning for all the social posts for the podcast. My chum Shaun called round and we went for a roast (good job @harr ) and then it got late and I felt antsy because if the day gets too far along

Day 61: How to motivate yourself to work from home alone all day

What I was doing was… A whole (okay, just over half) day of podcast making today, editing episode 2 and recording with another guest. Ended up mostly getting the edit done and also having a funny and touching hour’s natter with Michelle of @cast_iron_theatre Days like today when I have to be self-motivating m can often freak me out so I worked in sprints broken up by energising or different

Day 60: How to create a good beginning for a podcast conversation

What I was doing was… Recording a conversation with artist @sarahjamesart this evening for the upcoming new series of the Creative Loving Spirit podcast. It was a really relaxed, giggly and insightful chat which dug into Sarah’s experience as an artist and what her practice means to her. What helped set the tone was creating a comfortable environment, being relaxed myself and setting the recorder going incidentally and kinda sliding