Day 40: How to help create an enjoyable and productive day of making stuff

What I was doing was… Editing audio today and creating digital assets for the first episode of the upcoming 2nd series of my podcast Creative Loving Spirit. Flitting between Audacity and Photoshop and managed to edit the conversation, plus pull some quotes for the social cards I designed last week (they look pretty good to me). The thought of getting into this made me feel overwhelmed so I a) took

Day 33: How to get over not being as amazingly productive as you hoped you would be

What I was doing was… At Werks Group today (free co-working space, Brighton peeps!) designing social media assets for the upcoming podcast and sorting out a bunch of other little things before getting started with editing. Didn’t finish half of this, though what I did has improved what I started with. More tired than I thought I was and found it difficult to concentrate, so appreciated the company and encouragement

Day 28: How to quickly create social media assets for your branded project

What I was doing was… Designing social media asset templates for sharing the upcoming new series of my podcast Creative Loving Spirit. Really just wanted to lie on the sofa (it’s Sunday dammit) but made a deal with myself to do an hour’s work, which meant I got most of what I wanted done. The plan I created yesterday helped and working out a style was quick given that I’ve

Day 27: How to plan a social media marketing sprint

What I was doing was… Sitting on the floor in my pants sketching out a plan for sharing digitally the episodes of the second series of my podcast, Creative Loving Spirit. Created a table of day-by-day activity for social channels and the stuff I’ll need to make for each. It helped to have previously sought out the advice of someone who knows about this stuff (thank you @sarahjamesart)and when it

Day 17: How to stress less at a possible outcome for what you’re working on

What I was doing was… Reaching out to some people I would like to have conversations with about their creative practice for my podcast Creative Loving Spirit. Really pleased to have heard back from two people whose work I like, with whom I was trying to arrange to meet earlier in the year. It helped to park my doubtful voice about whether they might still be interested and just reach