Day 92: How to get through by leapfrogging

What I was doing was… Writing, podcasting, running, cooking something delicious -I thought all of these could happen today! As it is I did an hour’s worth of sorting out social posts for the coming three days and hid under a blanket. I am balancing my need to do less with all the stuff I’m doing by leapfrogging -meaning just accepting all I can do is leap over the next

Day 90: How to help get over the weirdness of talking to yourself when recording

What I was doing was… Plate spinning today, working to lay track in front of the podcast and the play rewrite to keep both trains running. Pretty much finished a new draft of the third scene of the play (though it now feels a bit bloated -will need to revisit) and edited episode 6 of Creative Loving Spirit. I find recording the podcast intro/outro difficult because it’s weird talking to

Day 76: How to work with back tension

What I was doing was… 5 or 6 hours editing episode 4 of the Creative Loving Spirit today. Managed to finish it and get all the notes and quotes together too. Resting yesterday helped so much, as did not compounding the tension in my back by sitting and slumping -spent most of the day standing and working, or lying down (including recording the podcast intro/outro). I feel so much better