Day 148: How to stay the course of writing your play

What I was doing was… Almost two years after beginning to write it, this morning was all about submitting the play. Did a last minute skim of the script, tweaked some stuff, write a logline, updated synopsis and writer’s bio before doing 4 online submissions and readying a fifth paper submission to go in the post. What really helped in all this (apart from everything me and others have contributed

Day 147: How to help yourself when swimming upstream on finishing your play

What I was doing was… A whole day of making final tweaks to the play. And I actually did it -hooray! Really been swimming upstream with this, possibly post-Christmas laziness, possibly just done with it for the moment -but whatever it is it was SO helpful being at the @writershq Brighton writers retreat (at its new home in @werksgroup Middle St -oh hey @heatherroseandrews cheers for looking after us) and

Day 146: How you can aid procrastination by putting a library around it

What I was doing was… Another WHOLE DAY OF WRITING AND MAKING THIS SCRIPT AMAZING. Actually no, I bummed around and did maybe half an hour of some very superficial typo-fixing, comma moving work. Woke up feeling weird and spaced out and food and sleep didn’t help so I decided putting a library round myself could work, a plan of action which had the benefit of adding another opportunity for

Day 145: How to work on that draft even if you only have 30 minutes in the morning

What I was doing was… Some script polishing before heading to work today. Spent 30 minutes this morning with a red pen, marking up any words that could be lost, dialogue that could be clearer and things that could flow better. There are other more involved things I need to work on, but this sort of surface attention is about what I can manage in a small window like this.