Day 50: How to let go and care for yourself towards achieving a little creative goal -in 5 steps

What I was doing was… Started the day feeling unmotivated and honestly quite despairing at the thought of having to to do any fucking thing (today is one of those days I foresaw when I began this lark). Ended the day having taken care of myself, reading a play and thinking about how it applied to the play I’m writing. What made the difference was: 1) I gave up 2)

Day 48: How to help make the best dramatic use of your story’s setting or location

What I was doing was… Doing a lil thinkin about the scene locations for my play and how they could work better to help characters develop or exert more dramatic conflict. Noodles with some ideas, decided I liked some voices already made and identified and couple of scenes that could be fit from being relocated -I find external and environmental conflict a lot harder to think about than internal or

Day 46: How to help increase the unpredictability of your story to keep your audience on its toes

What I was doing was… More background thinking on the play today, specifically about how to keep the audience on their toes by making sure the unfolding of the plot isn’t predictable (that’s bloody hard in this narrative-savvy culture of ours). Defined two or three things I can pay attention to in character work and in designing scenes. What helped was thinking back to the character archetype stuff (Day 38)

Day 45: How to use your character and story intentions to structure ad pace your narrative

What is was doing was… Thinking about the chronology of events in my play today. Some of the feedback I received suggested for some a lack of clarity about the sequence of events and, checking in with myself, I do intend for it to be a linear narrative and I more firmly established the timescale of events. What helped me get to this was in part holding one of the