Day 72: How to enjoy a bit of copying and pasting

What I was doing was… Spent 15 minutes collating my typed up redrafting notes from yesterday into handy scene-by-scene collections. Have scene notes now for 5 of the play’s 8 scenes, which should be much more helpful than having to filter through a play-long list of stuff when I’m trying to write a scene. The thinking work of yesterday meant that this was just a legwork job of copying and

Day 66: How to help design a manageable step process for getting towards a new draft

What I was doing was… Writing the remaining character cards this morning before heading off to work. Finished the last two and then thought about what’s next -sifting through all the new scene stuff and creating scene briefs. What kept me from getting brain-drowned by the thought of all the info I need to order was to brief myself on how to brief myself -basically creating a brief for a

Day 65: How to make sense of your material before beginning drafting new pages

What I was doing was… Beginning to marshal a month’s worth of development work on the play into something that helps me write actual script pages. I started creating cards for each of the play’s characters to keep track of all the things I’ve discovered about them (made up) e.g. their wants, their relationship to the play’s central argument, how they make decisions etc. This was helped by recognising that

Day 59: How to make your story problems work for you

What I was doing was… A quick 15 minute writing sprint finishing up some character stuff for the play. Wrote through a couple of examples of sticking points or contradictions relating to the main character and found ways to make them actually useful! What made the difference was thinking instead of them being my problems as the storyteller, to instead make them the character’s problems and see how they might