Day 13: How to break down those an open ended aim into more manageable tasks

What I was doing was… Researching venues and finding for my one man show and asking friends for some feedback on the new and improved concept, all the while procrastinating. Got a shortlist of suitable venues, some next steps to consider about funding and hopefully some thoughts from chums at some point. I found it helpful to break these open ended researching tasks into sub questions which I can use

Day 5: How to learn if your show concept isn’t right… and possible ways forward

What I was doing was… Refining into a neat description blurb thing the concept for a one man show I am making. Ended up pulling apart the fledgling idea and now it’s in pieces on various bits of paper (and my mind). Realised that the concept itself is flawed as it doesn’t easily allow me to work in the form I want. Now feeling quite dumb for having gone down