Day 308: How to make something what it isn’t

What I was doing was… Right -sigh- this is me describing my intention for my creative efforts for today: I would focus on developing the show by working through the exercises I defined for myself last week. Here’s me saying what actually happened: I resisted and instead read some plays that were recommended to me by @lizifpatch (thank you again Lizi!) and I even wrote some words. This is what

Day 282: How to move past the fears about revisiting a stalled project

What I was doing was… Gathering all my solo show thinking so far into some presentable form to share with someone I’m working with on the project. After a procrastinating start it took all day typing up notes, photographing bits and annotating my thinking. I’ve been holding fear about getting into this and finding I might have moved on from the idea or it doesn’t interest me -neither of which

Day 167: How to make space for your friends to help create your work

What I was doing was… Okay so today the intention was to try and develop the idea of what this solo show could be, but in a different way than I usually do (as mainly a writer person). With close creative friends @pmuink @timothyfifield @jamesrmacauley @una_nich to spend an afternoon sharing what I’ve developed so far and exploring what further possibilities they saw and what qualities could be particular to