Day 93: How to help create a network of supportive people to call on (if you need it for today it involves time travel)

What I was doing was… Nudging things along for the podcast and play and solo show today by reaching out to some friends. Sent a bunch of messages to some people I would love to work with on the next steps for these projects. It helps to know some good people to ask for help in these areas -which is itself possible in part because I’ve gotten to know them

Day 84: How to give grief its space

What I was doing was… Writing a new version of scene 3 of the play today, that was the idea. Instead I filled a page trying to capture the thoughts and experiences of grief, which are part of the show I want to make. It is coming up on the anniversary of a close bereavement I had and grief pops up unpredictably, tiringly and achingly and I’ve figured out that

Day 67: How to find presence if you are lost

What I was doing was… Feeling the lack of intention this morning and a sense of panic about needing to be productive, driving me to resist and get a bit worked up. I wound up meditating for 10 minutes then brainstormed for 5 minutes on something that is actually related to the show. What made the difference was accepting where I was and getting curious about it and I saw

Day 51: How to start figuring out who could help and where to find them

What I was doing was… Blank slate in front of me and based on yesterday I decided to do something about the show -begin finding people to work with. Holding back the mind-shutting-down dread of asking for help I ended up brainstorming a list of leads for finding a director. I’m serious that I find this difficult (the thought of approaching someone, especially someone I don’t know, to ask them

Day 49: How to work with resistance and create from where you really are

What I was doing was… Hammering a big mutha-flippin action day easy-peasy bashing and boshing through the list of tasks about editing and stuff for the podcast- Except I fucking didn’t at all did I, I ended up writing a song which might be part of the show…? What made the difference was stopping and acknowledging that I feel sad and tired and lonely today and freeing myself from the