Day 150: How to use your body to reconnect with the heart of your creative project

What I was doing was… My intention today is reconnecting with the show project idea (whilst also honouring where I am -slightly meh). I ended up creating a playlist of music that reminds me of the ideas, moving and dancing for 15 minutes, walking through a rock garden and arranging to meet a friend. I was feeling bum about how to get back into this, so I reflected on what

Day 94: How to help yourself let go and stop

What I was doing was… Keeping it real light today as I can’t manage much of anything. Met with a friend to get some advice on the theatre projects I’m working on (thanks Michelle @cast_iron_theatre ). Today had reached a point of having to let go and stop, and it helped to have chums to speak to (thanks @una_nich ). I feel uncertain about what I’m doing and how and