Day 364: How to decide to sack off writing that isn’t working and go for an evening swim instead

What I was doing was… Beginning the next chapter of this draft of the novel, figuring I’d find an hour before the day got too hot to get into it. Just did my bare minimum of 15 minutes, outlining the chapter. Found it difficult to turn the plot outline summary into something especially inspiring so decided to knock it on the head and go for an evening swim instead. Felt

Day 362: How you still can

What I was doing was… Writing writing writing while melting melting melting and aiming to finish a chapter. Wrote 2000 or so more words on the novel draft. Took a little help from the Writers Emergency Pack which spun off an idea about how to externalise what plot wise seemed a very internal scene -quite similar to an issue I had with an earlier chapter (maybe this will make me

Day 361: How to appreciate your process

What I was doing was… Writing on the novel draft today, working to finish one chapter and get going with the next. Worked in sprints for about 3 hours in total and came up with around 3000 words to vault me from one chapter to the next, both of which I notice are involving a lot of dialogue -then I doodled another thing. I appreciated the difference between the sprint-and-goal-focused

Day 357: How to randomly find new life to mine in your chapter

What I was doing was… Morning pages today with the old novel writing. 398 more words, in a fizzy 15 minutes going off in a new direction midway into this chapter. Felt like I’d reached a premature conclusion with yesterday’s writing, so decided to give myself a prompt by throwing a beanbag to randomly choose a writing prompt card, which inspired setting up an unplanned for interaction between my main