Day 26: How to guide your writing towards possibilities… and know if you’re on the right track

What I was doing was… Zeroing in on what my screenplay protagonist most wants and having a go at defining their character arc. Ended up with something that doesn’t neatly chime with the theme I landed on earlier, but wrote a whole bunch of stuff about the possible rules and tone of the world with reference to other films (Labyrinth meets Andrea Arnold anyone?) It helped to follow my thoughts

Day 12: How to help yourself write when you can’t be bothered

What I was doing was… Spent an hour exploring character and world for my screenplay (despite getting to it late in the day and feeling like I CAN’T BE ARSED). Found out some family and childhood related stuff about my main character. Broke it into two half hour chunks and used a phone timer to make it more manageable (aren’t you proud Writers’ HQ?????) Feeling a bit tired but glad

Day 10: How to help ground your main character’s arc in something bigger

What I was doing was… Writing a bit before work on how my screenplay main character essentially changes by the end of the story. Came up with some ideas how this would manifest in herself and in her relationships. The central theme work I did last week was a helpful jumping off point for this -because it should be related! Not feeling super buzzed about it, it’s feeling so-so and