What I Did and Didn’t Do in 2009/10 – Update!

Ok so the horse has bolted and I’m right now fiddling with the lock, but whatever. In the last couple of days I’ve managed to fulfil two of my outstanding aims for 2009, which are: 1. Act in Something I said I’d try my hand at some acting, and got into rehearsing with a group for a play we performed only in the last week. It went well and was

Female Transport & Games: 11-13 Feb

Like stories, but can’t read books because of a crippling fear of potential paper cuts? Love characters, but can’t watch films because it reminds you of that time you saw a puppy die in a cinema? Then you should try theatre! It’s like a book that’s being read to you, or a film in proper 3D! (not this Avatar nonsense) There’s a well tidy production of both Female Transport &