Day 31: How to not sweat revisiting the fundamentals of your story

What I was doing was… Having been doing this a month now (!?) this morning I spent 15 minutes on play redrafting work, clarifying: what am I trying to say with this play and what is the argument? Writing freehand, I explored the questions and landed on something clearer than what I’ve got now a.ka. good enough for the moment. Again having had those feedback conversations has helped move my

Day 30: How to help clarify the central question at the heart of your story

What I was doing was… Getting started on responding to 1st draft feedback and creating a plan for the 2nd draft of my play, by first clarifying: what is the question at the heart of this play? I ended up with something that feels right and is also about 90 degrees from what the central question has been up until now. What helped was all the feedback conversations I had

Day 21: How to help create a manageable plan for using feedback to redraft your work

What I was doing was… Spending some time at Writers’ HQ creating a plan for the next draft of my play, based on the feedback and insights I’ve had over the past month since completing the previous draft. What I now have is a table of themes, from high level what-is-the-play-about, to structure, world and character and the questions I need to answer, then a second table of the more

Day 20: How to simplify making sense of loads of feedback and finding a way forward

What I was doing was… Reviewing the remaining bits of feedback on my play draft today, looking over notes and listening back to the recording of the conversation. I now have a looooooong list of feedback points and the questions they raise for me and some thoughts about the next step in the process. What helped the general freak out about holding all this stuff was creating some questions I