Day 15: How knowing your story’s central question can guide your next draft

What I was doing was… Getting more dramaturgical feedback on a play I’m writing (from script reading service RoughHewn -playwrights look em up). The conversation has filled my brain with things to consider in how I approach the next draft. I had posed a question about how well this draft is answering what I thought was the central question of the story (and I now realise is probably not the

Day 1: How to not lose the detail of a writing feedback conversation

What I did was… At @Theatre503 today for some dramaturgical feedback on a 1st draft of a play I’m writing (pfft it’s about the 3rd draft, sssh). Had a very helpful conversation, about where it’s at and what needs work. Scrawled some nonsensical looking notes but also recorded our chat on m’phone (useful tip taken from @sarahkosar6 ). Feeling encouraged and glad because I was at my limits of knowing