Day 172: How to relieve stress and tiredness… AND find some encouragement and inspiration with others

What I was doing was… Today I was aiming to share the elevator pitch/concept for my novel. I asked a couple of friends @emmieloutoo @alibraes at our regular writing group cafe meet up read it and we had a chat about what was interesting and what resonated for them, which turned into a really good conversation about childhood and adulthood. I’ve shared this sort of stuff before (months ago when

Day 122: How to design an audience feedback form for a sharing of your work

What I was doing was… Creating a feedback form for the rehearsed reading of the play on Sunday. Made a one-side sheet with five areas I want to ask people for their reflections on. My intentions are to make it high level, to focus on feeling and thought and comprehension to help me: 1) address any gaps in the information flow of the play 2) identify strengths and weaknesses 3)

Day 39: How purpose and paper can rescue your daily writing task

What I was doing was… Good morning world, I began the day by spending 15 minutes writing about my play’s characters and how their perspectives each further the intellectual debate of the story -eve though a part of me was thinking ‘is this helping?’ Dunno if I hit that high-falutin aim but I ended up with some insights as to how some characters decide to act and why and how