Day 90: How to help get over the weirdness of talking to yourself when recording

What I was doing was… Plate spinning today, working to lay track in front of the podcast and the play rewrite to keep both trains running. Pretty much finished a new draft of the third scene of the play (though it now feels a bit bloated -will need to revisit) and edited episode 6 of Creative Loving Spirit. I find recording the podcast intro/outro difficult because it’s weird talking to

Day 87: How to help take your characters to more extreme places

What I was doing was… Spent 15 minutes before work writing a brief for a scene I will be rewriting. Came up with some character intentions and behaviours on another little index card. Realised that this is a scene where I can really push the characters to an extreme and what helps with that is letting go of needing to make sure they’re likeable -they don’t need to be likeable,