Day 56: How to spark new ideas in character relationships

What I was doing was… A whole day writing with the lovely writerly people of @writershq and focusing on some more character development work for the new draft of my play. Wrote pages of stuff about the characters’ lives, went off on a diverting tangent about genetic encoding and ectogenesis and finished on some interesting character relationship work. What helped in gaining some insights into developing light and shade for

Day 50: How to let go and care for yourself towards achieving a little creative goal -in 5 steps

What I was doing was… Started the day feeling unmotivated and honestly quite despairing at the thought of having to to do any fucking thing (today is one of those days I foresaw when I began this lark). Ended the day having taken care of myself, reading a play and thinking about how it applied to the play I’m writing. What made the difference was: 1) I gave up 2)

Day 48: How to help make the best dramatic use of your story’s setting or location

What I was doing was… Doing a lil thinkin about the scene locations for my play and how they could work better to help characters develop or exert more dramatic conflict. Noodles with some ideas, decided I liked some voices already made and identified and couple of scenes that could be fit from being relocated -I find external and environmental conflict a lot harder to think about than internal or